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It is our vision to support the education of vulnerable children all over the world.  We at Outreach Tuition strongly believe education to be the key to personal and social progress and prosperity. 


Poverty, low quality of living and sexual exploitation are everyday life for the local girls in Catuji,

Padre Paraiso, Medina and Candido Sales in Brazil.  The Meninadanca charity have built pink houses in these towns operating as safe havens for the children.  Through education these children are able to build self-worth and overcome trauma.

At Outreach Tuition we are supporting these children. For every new child that is referred to our service by a school or local authority in Kent, we in turn fund a child's education at a pink house in Brazil.  School leaders can feel that they are providing life changing tuition to their own vulnerable pupils and at the same time supporting life changing work overseas too.


Our Director Jodie Devlin will be visiting Brazil in the new year, to report back on the difference that our schools and local authorities in the South East will be making by helping to support the education of these vulnerable children.





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