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Which primary pupils do you tend to support?


Usually our pupils from primary school will be:  

  • Awaiting or recovering from a big operation and unable to come into school.

  • Awaiting a move from your school to a special school and needing support whilst a new school place is found.

  • Unable to manage in the classroom.

  • A looked after child requiring extra catch-up tuition in addition to their normal school day.

How many hours per week do we need to book?


Usually primary schools will book one to two hours per week for extra catch-up tuition, in addition to the normal school day.  For pupils out of the classroom entirely, then typically one to three hours per day are booked.

Where does the tuition take place?

Depending on the pupils needs, tuition usually takes place either in the home, local library or online.  Due to the current pandemic, most of our sessions are online. We do however offer outreach staff delivering a small number of Covid safe home appointments for your most vulnerable pupils. 





How is it funded?


The pupil stays on your school roll and funding tends to be sourced from the pupil premium or higher needs funding available to the child.  We then invoice your school accounts department on a monthly basis.

How much does it cost?

Our hourly rate for a fully qualified teacher is

£55 an hour plus VAT.  This includes a whole wrap around service of daily attendance rung through to your attendance officer, report writing and progress updates, all additional telephone calls with parents, social workers and school staff, lesson preparation time, resources and travel time.

How quickly can tuition be set up?

We aim to have tuition in place within 48 hours of booking.  You can cancel at anytime, we only require 10 working days notice and there are no further financial commitments whatsoever.

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Home Tuition

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