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Covid 19

As an outreach educational provider working alongside schools and local authorities, we are acutely aware of the disruption to students' education. 


In order to mitigate the disruption during the recent lockdown, we:


Rapidly deployed all tutors to our online platform

for virtual teaching.


Created a help centre to assist our clients through this turbulent unprecedented time.


Provided telephone support and updates to our parents and carers regarding the changes to education and Covid 19.



Working at Home

We are currently in the midst of unprecedented times with the outbreak of the coronavirus.  We want to ensure that all of our students and their families, stay safe and well during this difficult time.





Due to the needs of our pupils we always prefer to interact with them face to face in person, whenever we can.  However at times when this isn't possible, due to local lockdowns, or family health concerns, we provide stability and continuity by transferring to our online platform.

The online teaching service provides schools with a flexible, short, medium or long term provision, which can be implemented immediately, with no commitments or contract tie-in's.  All of our fully qualified teachers are screened and vetted to the Department for Education's rigorous standards

Using this service, schools have quickly been able to provide their pupils with a safe, reliable way of maintaining learning during these uncertain times.





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