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Registered Exam Centre 
Our professional team deliver core and diverse subjects including a range of vocational options
from Hair and Beauty to Health and Safety.  As a registered exam centre, we are able to offer the educational and training institutions that we work with, a full in-house service.  

Functional Skills Exams (Remote Invigilation) 
As a Functional Skills exam centre, we offer bespoke tutoring and qualifications in English and Maths Level 1 and 2 for all learners.  For students unable to travel, leave home, hospital or mental health facilities*, we are able to offer online Functional Skills exams using remote invigilation.  

*see our fully funded bursary options below for mental health patients

Functional Skills Exams Bursary
We were delighted to become Open Awards 2021 Bursary winners this year, with our innovative solution that addressed the 'challenges caused by the Covid19 Pandemic’.  Our winning proposal focussed on how the Coronavirus pandemic was leaving a devastating scar on the mental health of millions of people in the UK.  The effects of isolation caused by lockdown, the devastating loss of loved ones, meaning more and more people accessing mental health crisis services than ever before.  When patients within a crisis unit begin to improve, they are given educational tuition. For long term patients there is currently no way of them gaining qualifications. 
Our bursary provides FREE online Functional Skills Maths and English exams to long term mental health patients, using remote invigilation. 

Please contact us to make a referral.

"We use Outreach Tuition to provide quality on-site English and Maths tuition to our post 16 learners.  They work with our boys to assess and track their progress, then enter them for their exams when
they are ready."

Roger Harewood, Director,
RHTS Medway

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